nginx 嵌套 error_page

比如 location / {
error_page 404 @fetch

location @fetch {
error_page 404 @fetch2
proxy_pass http://backend1/one/;
location @fetch2 {
proxy_pass http://backend2/two/;
return 200 “xxx”;

这是个简单的例子,如果需要实现功能需要两个参数: proxy_intercept_errors on; recursive_error_pages on;
syntax: recursive_error_pages on | off;
recursive_error_pages off;
context: http, server, location
Enables or disables doing several redirects using the error_page directive. The number of such redirects is limited.

syntax: proxy_intercept_errors on | off;
proxy_intercept_errors off;
context: http, server, location
Determines whether proxied responses with codes greater than or equal to 300 should be passed to a client or be redirected to nginx for processing with the error_page directive.